Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul

The Continental & The Dobro

Pictured on the right, HEART is a Continental Resonator Guitar tuned to open G or Standard and got it´s name from the three hearts my love glued on the headstock so that every time i play it i will think of her...sweet, ain´t it?

Pictured on the left, SOUL is an old Dobro from about 1976 tuned to Vestapol or D-minor with a lot of mojo. It was handed to me years ago by my good friend Piet Ebenfeld shortly before his death to keep the flame burning.

Piet was a tourguide in the 80s and a lot of Blues Legends strummed a chord or two on this guitar. His buddy Louisiana Red tried to get his hands on this guitar real hard. He offered Piet a lot of exchange objects over the years, but as it was his first guitar he was never willing to let it go...so here it is in my hands playing for you.

The Lucky Charm glued to the headstock strengthens the spirit of the souls who played on that guitar before Soul has a lot of Mojo.

Piet Ebenfeld with "SOUL" and his Band Top Secret.

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