CD´s von Michael van Merwyk

Songster - 2018

  1. heroes
  2. breaking the law
  3. bankrobber
  4. kisses sweeter than wine
  5. get it on
  6. black is the colour
  7. love will tear us apart
  8. you´ve got another thing coming
  9. personal jesus
  10. should i stay or should i go
  11. i was made for loving you
  12. over the hill
  13. living after midnight
  14. the number of the beast
  15. i feel you
  16. i still haven´t found what i´m looking for

2018 - timezone

michael van merwyk - voice & guitar: 
my 1976 dobro, given to me by my 
good friend piet ebenfeld;

steve baker - harps & background vocals
on 1, 5, 6, 12
micha maas - drums and klaas wendling - doublebass
on 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 15

thank you: my family, my sweet redhead (red is the colour of my true loves hair!), henning again for his good work, steve baker for adding his musicianship and blowing his harp, micha maas and klaas wendling for their charming accompaniment and to you...enjoy the music! special thanks to gerry spooner, roger clarke-johnson, jerry hovell, volker wilmking and bluesman piet ebenfeld...i´ll carry the torch. recorded, mixed and mastered at watt matters studio by henning strand. this cd is not produced! the music is just performed by michael van merwyk, steve baker, micha maas and klaas wendling and recorded live in the studio in march 2018. fotos by katrin biller at the wolkenschiebar in bielefeld. artwork by michael van merwyk.

Fight The Darkness - 2017

  1. the well 3:08
  2. tell it like it is 2:21
  3. fuck you, mr trouble 4:13
  4. heavy load 2:33
  5. fight the darkness 5:39
  6. just one lie 2:07
  7. motormouth baby 3:14
  8. count your blessings 3:57
  9. the way you cook 2:27
  10. so endless the night 2:51
  11. every once in a while 2:47
  12. if i die tomorrow 3:13

2017 - timezone

recorded, mixed and mastered at watt matters studio by henning strand assisted by markus lindner. this cd is not produced! the music is just written and performed by michael van merwyk and recorded live in the studio on october, 28th 2016.

fotos by maik reishaus.
artwork by michael van merwyk.
all songs written and performed by michael van merwyk.

guitars: my always reliable workhorse, a cole clark fat lady; my 1976 dobro, given to me by my good friend piet ebenfeld; my one-string-diddley-bow made by my good friend harry fricke...chords are totally overrated!

this cd is dedicated to everybody who worked his way out of the darkness into the light.

Catching The Rain - 2009

Catching The Rain - 2009

  1. watch out! 4:14
  2. hard way to go 5:27
  3. shut up! 4:43
  4. here comes love 4:00
  5. cheeky darling 3:26
  6. i love thinking about my baby 3:15
  7. tell me ya´ll 5:44
  8. if you want me to leave 3:07
  9. a soul ain´t worth a dime 5:13
  10. the boogalizer 3:50
  11. smile and walk 4:31
  12. love grown cold 4:09
  13. nothing but life 5:41
  14. oh yeah! 4.0 4:38

all songs written by michael van merwyk except track 6 lyrics: larry garner / music: michael van merwyk (swampjack music bmi); track 13 written by larry garner (swampjack music bmi);

musicians: andreas "ali" arlt - guitar on 1-6, 8, 11, 12, 2nd guitar-solo on 14 erkan özdemir - bass on 1-8, 11-14; 3rd guitar-solo on 14 henk punter - drums raphael wressnig - organ, wurlitzer nadja grosspietsch - vocals on 4, background-vocals on 9 larry garner - vocals + guitar on 13, 4th guitar-solo on 14 shedrick nellon - bass on 9 michael van merwyk - vocals + guitar; lap steel on 4, 5, 8

produced by michael van merwyk recorded on november 17th & 18th 2008 at foxmusic studios telgte,
engineered by wolfgang brammertz
mixed by michael van merwyk & wolfgang brammertz
mastered by wolfgang brammertz

cover-photos by dirk schelpmeier, studio-photos by wolfgang brammertz & michael van merwyk
all photos photoshopped by michael van merwyk artwork by michael van merwyk

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