CD´s von MvM & Larry Garner

Upclose & Personal - 2014

  1. she´s the boss 4:59
  2. dreaming again 7:17
  3. the bear 5:45
  4. blues keeps calling my name 5:09
  5. road of life 7:46
  6. Bullrider 7:05
  7. bad blues 5:24
  8. ease my pain 6:58
  9. tale spreaders 7:49
  10. will love find me again 4:15
  11. mojo hand 5:28

2014 - Dixie Frog Records

She´s The Boss, Dreaming Again, Road Of Life, Bullrider and Tale Spreaders written by Larry Garner / Swampjack Music BMI; The Bear, Blues Keeps Calling My Name, Bad Blues, Ease My Pain and Will Love Find Me Again written by Michael van Merwyk; Mojo Hand written by Sam Lightnin Hopkins;

Recorded live on january, 12th 2014 at Claus Grabke Studios
Mixed by Claus Grabke
Mastered by ‚Skinny Joe‘ Bens
Produced by Michael van Merwyk

Photos by Sebel, Moritz Flöhr & Claus Grabke
Artwork by Michael van Merwyk
Vocals & Acoustic Guitar by Larry Garner
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Weissenborn by Michael van Merwyk
Bass & Percussion by ‚Skinny Joe‘ Bens

Atmosphere, Handclaps, Shouts & Hollers by a good looking crowd

Guitars by

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