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CD´s von Gerd Gorke & MvM

Rough & Easy - 2014

  1. I saw the light 3:31
  2. Let me play with your poodle 3:04
  3. Memory Pain 3:16
  4. Love Crazy 4:37
  5. Over the hill 3:44
  6. Kind of man 3:48
  7. Your mind is on vacation 2:58
  8. swing along 4:19
  9. you can`t judge a book 3:21
  10. blues is a woman 3:45
  11. bluelight boogie 4:31
  12. shine 2:53
  13. I`ll fly away 4:03
  14. when you`re smiling 2:41
  15. if the river was whiskey 4:13
  16. someday 3:24
  17. glory of love 3:04

2014 - Groove Stew Records

Produced by The Delta Boys and Claus Grabke

Recorded live on 19.07.2013 at Claus Grabke Studios Mixed by Claus Grabke

Illustration by Signario,
Artwork by Michael van Merwyk



  1. 29 ways 2:40
  2. circumstances 4:20
  3. big fat mamas 2:04
  4. coffee 2:56
  5. in the dark 2:59
  6. i don`t wanna know 4:01
  7. memo`s swing 3:33
  8. bad blues 4:56
  9. i wonder why 3:26
  10. going down the road 2:46
  11. i can see clearly now 4:56
  12. voodoo music 3:41
  13. nobody knows me 3:03
  14. singing waterfall 3:18
  15. dark & stormy night 5:59
  16. corina 2:29
  17. smile & walk 3:41
  18. tennessee waltz 3:38
  19. easy my pain 5:39

2011 - Groove Stew Records

Produced by Michael van Merwyk & Gerd Gorke

Recorded on 30.07.2010 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Cine Event Studio

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Peter Pässler

Delta Boys - Photo Wös T Country - Photos by Rupert Pfeiffer
All photos photoshopped by Michael van Merwyk Artwork by Michael van Merwyk

The Delta Boys are: Gerd Gorke - Vocals, Harp Michael van Merwyk - Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Weissenborn

The "Front Porch" is a place where music is played, taught and learned from one musician to another - no matter if you play Blues, Folk, Country or whatever comes to mind. A place, where real people communicate through music and stories.

Everybody has his own life with stories about love and loss, about joy and pain, about sunshine and the end it´s all about the song, about keeping the story alive....probably change it here and there to put your own personality into the song.

The Delta Boys turn every stage into a "Front Porch", where the music is played live, acoustic and with lot´s of soul. You can dance, clown, drink, party, listen, have fun or look for romance, they deliver the Soundtrack to a nice and soulful time.

Strong beat, big voices, wailin´ harmonica and a bunch of good songs, that´s what the Delta Boys are all about. Listen and enjoy!

Copyright 2020 Michael van Merwyk. All Rights Reserved.